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Sensory processing

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Gross motor processing


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Fine motor processing


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Handwriting workshops


Handwriting is one of the most complex skills your child will learn in early child hood. While the skill is learnt within the classroom, children and young people who experience difficulties in this area may benefit from some additional support.

Fluent handwriting requires the integration of many skills, gross and fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, working memory, spatial awareness and effective sensory processing . If difficulties are experienced in any of these areas, your child may find mastering the skill of handwriting more challenging.

The role of the Occupational Therapist is to assess and address the underlying causes restricting the child or young person from developing fluent handwriting.

Handwriting before intervention

Handwriting before intervention

Handwriting after intervention

Handwriting after intervention

Intervention blocks are offered, with daily 5 -10 minute practice sessions at home required. The sessions are designed to be varied, incorporating activities of interest to the individual while addressing the areas of difficulty.

Consultation with the class teacher may be required to address pencil grip, paper positioning , body positioning or any visual perceptual difficulties that may have been identified.

Many handwriting difficulties can be addressed with intervention involving the parent, teacher and Occupational Therapist, however children with significant difficulties may benefit from developing touch typing skills.

For further information please contact me by phone or email through my contact page.

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August 30, 2013 · 2:22 pm