Gross Motor Skills

The acquisition of gross motor skills occurs in infancy and early childhood. Their development gives control over our muscles and in turn our limbs, allowing fluent purposeful and accurate movement, including the ability to run, walk and skip.

Effective sensory integration, muscle strength, and core stability, as well as good balance are all essential in the development of gross motor skills.

The child or young person with poor gross motor skill development may appear clumsy or uncoordinated, fatigue easily and demonstrate poor fine motor skills. The individual may seek to avoid P.E. or active play sessions with friends due to tiring easily or a sense of being unable to ‘keep up’.

Occupational therapy can help your child to develop necessary gross motor skills by identifying the areas of difficulty and working on the building blocks for improvement.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s gross motor skills you can contact me by telephone or through my contact page.