Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills rely on the coordination of the smaller muscles of the body and are usually required for more delicate movements. Many daily activities such as dressing, eating, pencil and scissor skills, and playing may be affected.

Competent fine motor skills rely on the efficiency of many other skills – such as core stability, bilateral coordination, fine motor planning, hand-eye coordination and in-hand manipulation, to name but a few. Intervention is therefore broad and varied, working on specific fine motor skills as well as other relevant areas.

Some signs observed in children and young people with fine motor difficulties are:

  • Poor pencil control.
  • Difficulty with the manipulation of scissors
  • Difficulty with zips, buttons etc.
  • Quickly frustrated with many desk activities.
  • Difficulty manipulating small objects.

If you are concerned about your child’s fine motor skills you can contact me by phone or through my contact page.