Core Stability

Core stability concerns the activation of the lumbar region muscles helping to maintain a stable pelvis and lower back. It impacts on our posture and the ability to move the limbs freely. This affects both gross and fine motor skills such as crawling, walking, hopping, jumping, writing, drawing, and managing buttons and zips.

Children and young people with poor core stability may also have difficulty in maintaining an appropriate sitting posture, making desk work more challenging.

Some signs of poor core stability;

  • Inability to sit still resulting in fidgeting and swinging back on chairs.
  • Supporting the head or resting the head on the desk when carrying out desk work.
  • Avoidance of climbing on play equipment and/or trees.
  • Tendency to lean against a wall/table when expected to stand for any period of time.
  • Generalised clumsiness, poor motor skills.

If you are concerned about your child’s core stability please feel free to contact me by phone or through my contact page.