About me

As a paediatric Occupational Therapist I aim to support the child or young person in reaching their maximum potential in all areas , play, education, social, and self care. I work from a holistic perspective and encourage identification of specific goals to enhance motivation and provide a tangible sense of progression.

I work closely with the family and often school to support achievement of identified goals.

I can carry out assessments in your own home, or at my therapy room.

Subsequent intervention may benefit children and young people experiencing difficulties in the following areas:-

  • Fine motor skills – managing buttons, tying laces etc
  • Gross motor – P.E./ play time
  • Core stability
  • Maintaining attention
  • Handwriting – slowness, letter reversals, incorrect letter formation, unnecessary capitalisation, floating letters.
  • Organisation – difficulty organising bag for the day or desk for classwork/homework
  • Sensory processing
  • Visual Perception
  • Socialising
  • Sleep